About Hickory Hill Photography

Hickory Hill photography, owned by Jim Fox, is located in the country wilderness of Oshtemo, MI. Jim named the business after his grandparents’ farm on which a great hickory tree still stands today. He grew up on this farm, all the time loving the outdoors and enjoying the vast fields. However, as Jim grew older, the events of life took him away from the land that he loved. Now, many years later, he has returned to the great Hickory Hill and made it his home.

Hickory Hill Photography specializes in a variety of photographs; anything from sports and classic cars to landscapes and old barns. Jim’s love of photography began at age 15 when he received his first camera. Since then, he has honed his skills both in photography and photo editing to craft memorable photographs. With a unique eye for capturing scenery at just the right light or picking out the smallest piece of an object to create an extraordinary shot, Jim produces photographs that are appealing and distinctive to even the most inexperienced eye.